Jesus Luvs Ravers was co-founded by Goshen Sai and his wife, Tiffany. Both Goshen and Tiffany were avid club-goers and ravers in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, caught in a cycle of promiscuity and severe drug abuse. After being liberated from those cycles and addictions at different times, Goshen and Tiffany met in a prayer room years later. They began to pray and dream about a future where God’s love would be manifested in the very places that once almost killed them.

In 2013, After years of prayer, hard work, and the alliance of friends with similar visions, Jesus Luvs Ravers was born.

JLR has since been to raves, nightclubs, and festivals all over the US promoting the real expression of PLUR – Peace Love Unity & Respect. Through the footwork of the Jesus Luvs Ravers team, ravers and club-goers from all over the world have experienced physical healing, prophetic ministry, and a non-judgmental expression of God’s unconditional love.